August News

We are selling Tickets now for the main drawing at the Castle Country OHV Association Membership dinner. Prizes include a 2016 Polaris Youth ATV, .30-06 Rifle with Scope, .308Rifle with Scope and much more.If you would like to buy tickets or help sell them contact any of the board members

August 8, 2015 —OHV Challenge Carbon County Fairgrounds Registration 9:00 am–9:45 am

Event starts at 10:00 am
Must be 8 or older & be licensed,
Helmets required.
Challenge Breakdowns
Men                           Women
8-17                             8-17
18 and over                18 and over
For further information please contact Robert Pahl 435-630-6188
*We need help from Club member on this event please volunteer you time. Thanks*
Club Ride for August: is with Utah ATV Association It is for their 31st, Annual Ride For Life benefiting
Make-A-Wish Utah    August 22 & 23, 2015 contact Kristi for ride location and destination.
For information call Kristi Keirce 801-243-6069 or Frank Keirce 801-913-8378 there is a registration fee
of $100.00 and after the 11th of August it goes up to $120.00 and you will need to make you room reser-
vation and if you reserve by August 10th you will get a discount call Beth Higley 801-698-6096 or
Denise Higley 801-644-4122 everyone will be staying at the Wendover Nugget. Helmets ARE Required

July 2015 News

July 4th, 2015—Scofield we need members to ride in the Parade—line up is at 10:00 am on Church Street in Scofield. Parade starts at 11:00 am.

July 16, 2015 Club Meeting date change due to Holidays: Location Active Re-Entry 10 S Fairgrounds Rd. Price 7:00 pm

July 18th, 2015 Club ride– Arapeen top of Huntington canyon. Contact Lee Barry for more information 435-820-9706

July 25th, 2015 – Wellington Days Parade and Booth at the Park contact Chris for line up and help at the Booth. 435-650-4717

July 30th through August 1st, 2015-  International Days Booth at the Park we need your help contact Laurey @ 435-650-1643.  Parade on Saturday August 1st Line up is at 9:00 am- check in is at 100 E. and 600 E Parade starts at 10:00 am Please come an support your club.

*We will start selling Tickets for the Club Membership      Dinner in 2016

This year we will have a 2016 Youth Polaris Sportsman 110 along with 30-06 Rifle with scope and a 308 Rifle with scope along with many more items to win.

All club meeting are held on the 4th Thursday of each month at 7:00 pm unless noted as above.


Club Meeting

Castle Country OHV Club Meeting will be held on Thursday June 25th, 2015 at 7:00 pm

Location: Active Re-Entry Building 10 S. Fairgrounds Rd. Price, UT

You do not have to be a club member to attend.

see you here!

Castle Country Trails System

The Castle Country Trails System has its own web site now. It is if anyone is interested in riding on one of
the rides they are offering for the Grand Opening May 16, 2015, please go
to the web site and register for one of the rides offered. They would
like all that is going on a ride to register before May 14, 2015, anyone
doing so will receive a free lunch.
The Grand Opening starts at 9:00 am with vendor booths opening at 9 am.
Then at 10 to 10:30am the Grand Opening with the Boy Scouts having a flag ceremony, Shalee Johansen will welcome and recognition. Speakers, BLM ; Ahmaed, SSD; Pace Hansen, OHV Trails; Joan Powell or Clayton Campbell, Commissioner; Hopes. Then the unveiling of the Kiosk and Plaque, Media and Press Photos. Snacks and drinks provided. ATV and OHV Demo rides by Tony Basso ATV, ATV Rodeo and Obstacle course, Activities and booths open from 9 to 3. Trail rides start a noon, meet on the road north of the model plane airport and rides will leave in 10 minute waves. So come enjoy the day and bring some friends with you.

Range Creek, Tavaputs, and Nine Mile Canyon

Please come to the open house on Thursday, March the 12th from 5-7 p.m. at the Senior Citizens Center.   Come with comments, written and or spoken.  Show our county planners that WE CARE about the Nine Mile Country and it’s future”

Range Creek, Tavaputs, and Nine Mile Canyon                                                              By Joan Powell

Recently, this past February, I was invited to sit on a committee to discuss wilderness designation in our county.  Most everyone knows how I feel about wilderness, and for me, the land becomes “nothing land” once it’s designated wilderness.  I know there are those who would argue the “nothing land” concept with me, but being a coal miner’s daughter, and having a brother who works in the coal mines, a husband who is employed at the power plant, and a son who is works in the gas-oil fields, and personally, myself, who enjoys motorized recreation, I feel that a lot of land becomes locked up that could a lot more beneficial to human-kind, if it wasn’t locked away under wilderness designation.  It seems to me that the trend is….”if it isn’t private, then it needs some kind of a designation on it”.  And the more EXTREME the designation the happier the Environmentalists and the E.P.A. seems to like it.  Unfortunately, there is a new GOLDEN RULE, “he who has the most gold, makes the rules”.  Am I the only one that feels like that, when it comes to SUWA and Sierra Club, and the others?

I hope you will take time to thank Rex Sacco for spearheading and facilitating the course of the discussions that led to the decisions that I think we can live with.  Yes, it was hard for me to agree to the “give up to gain” concept that the environmentalists wanted to see happen.  Don’t get me wrong, I do think there are some areas that deserve protection….but I cringe A LOT when “buffer zones” are discussed.  Anyway, I want to tell you who sat on this committee, and include a couple of paragraphs of wording that was the conclusion, and invite you to come to an open house to share YOUR feelings.

With that said….I wanted to share an excerpt from the proposal, but just know, there is more…..Please come to the open house to learn more.  Oh, I guess I need to explain the why’s and what-for’s that this has come about.  Congressman Bishop is taking back to Congress, county by county, what the feelings are from the stakeholders in the local areas.  It’s called a Public Lands Initiative.   It is the hopes to put the land grab for Wilderness to bed, forever, if that’s possible.  Those who sat in on this committee were:  Rex Sacco, Carbon County Land Use Planner, Dave Levanger, County Director of Planning/Building Official, Alan Peterson, local businessman and outdoor recreationalist, Butch and Jeanie Jensen, owners of the Tavaputs Ranch, Blair Eastman, Hunt Oil Representative and Nutter Ranch Representative, Mark Angus, Evervest Corp., Clyde McCourt, cattleman/land grazer,  Joan Powell, Mayor and motorized recreationalist, Sue Bellagamba, Nature Conservancy Representative, Marcia Argus, Pew Charitable Trusts,  Kelsey Berg, Congressman Chaffetz Staff, John Andrews, Sitla, Melissa Lasslo , Jordan Behunin, and Doris Johnston, County Staff,  Lowell Braxton,  Western Energy Alliance, Wade Garrett and Casey Snider from Congressman Bishop’s Staff.

Here is the excerpt:  Range Creek National Historic Conservation Area

Congress finds that in order to protect the archeology, cultural, historic, and the natural resources values of the upper section of Range Creek Canyon, a management area shall be designated.  The continuation of unmanaged fires on almost an annual basis in the adjacent Wilderness Study Areas, validates the need to manage BLM lands adjacent to Range Creek Canyon for reduction in the incidence of catastrophic fire.  To accomplish this, it is necessary that the existing historic and cultural uses of this area be maintained, and at times used at a higher level.  This need prompts Congress to create a designation mandating a management protocol to memorized these uses with more flexibility, and to remove conflicts to the accomplishment of fire protection management.

The federal BLM lands around Range Creek Canyon serve as a boundary to this scientific educational and visitation area.  Range Creek Canyon has been recognized for its unique historic and cultural features by the Smithsonian Institute.  The State of Utah allows tours for the public by private businesses and the local county recreational departments which promotes economic development.  Providers offer guided vehicular visits through Range Creek.  Group tours stop at a variety of locations to view rock art, granaries, and other features of interest along the thirteen-mile route to the historic Wilcox Ranch, and the current Range Creek Field Station Headquarters.  It is also hailed as one of the foremost archeological education areas fore the now extinct Freemont Indian Culture.

Again this is just one excerpt from the whole proposal.  Many things were discussed including John Andrews concern that there are SITLA lands locked up under the WSA’s, and his desire that those lands be traded out for other sections that are more beneficial for the SITLA program.

I made the statement in the County Trails Meeting earlier in the month,  that I would fight for the Horse Bench route until the day I died.  So it came as a pleasant surprise that I would be asked to sit in on this committee, knowing I could fight for it some more.  I was delighted to hear the stakeholders whose loss would be greater than mine, be supportive of  me being out there enjoying a great ride.  However, my hopes were somewhat dashed when I learned that Uintah County had “given up” as part of the “give up to gain concept” the bottom end of Nine Mile Creek to wilderness designation.  Uintah County Commissioners got a nasty letter from me the very night when I learned about it.  I did get one phone call back from one of the county commissioners, and I don’t have the space in this letter to go into the details of that conversation.  Just know I wasn’t happy with what I learned.

We learned a lot about the National Conservation Area designations.  It seems to be a GOOD thing as it allows flexibility for the future use of the lands.  We proposed Nine Mile Canyon to be a National Conservation Area.  Be aware, the environmental movement does not agree with this, so there is opposition.  You needed to be at the Carbon County Planning and Zoning meeting to hear their words.  They were a little put out that they weren’t on the committee……well guess what?  We accomplished what we set out to do, in a very short time.  We didn’t have the luxury of dragging this out for years and years trying to please people who are never pleased.  We wouldn’t have been able to with “environmentalists picking apart every sentence.

The bottom line is…..we want the West Tavaputs Plateau to have the access that the stakeholders needs it to have.  It is a prime location for energy development.  It is historically ranching country.  It is full of wonder, amazement, and spectacular scenery and wildlife for ALL to enjoy.  We GAVE the environmentalists Desolation Canyon….you can’t access it with 2 or 4 TIRES on the ground.  They, (the environmentalists) wanted more….they wanted the “buffer zones” to inhibit you, me, and those who call it home, or make a living on it, to be unable to have access to what is there, FOREVER!

Please, Please, Please come to the open house on Thursday, March the 12th from 5-7 p.m. at the Senior Citizens Center.   Come with comments, written and or spoken.  Show our county planners that WE CARE about the Nine Mile Country and it’s future, and that we are grateful for their willingness to listen to the REAL stakeholders…..I will never forget Blair Eastman telling Marcia Argust from Pew Charitable Trusts,

“We can manage the land better than you can“.

Club Meeting

Club meeting for March will be on the 26th,

Time 7:00 pm

Location: Active Re-Entry Building 10 S. Fairgrounds Rd. Price, UT



Membership Dinner and Raffle

Membership Dinner will be January 24, 2015

6:00 pm.

Carbon County School District Office Multipurpose Room

251 West 400 North Price, UT 84501

Membership is $25.00 per family

Members last name starts with (A- M) Bring a side dish

Members last name starts with (N – Z) Bring a salad

Board members will bring  dessert

~ If possible we would like all club members to bring one prize for the dollar table. ~

      Prize table tickets will be available at the dinner for $1.00 each


Main Raffle Prizes

Tickets are $1.00 each or 11 for $10.00

1st Prize- 12Ga. Emperor Over- Under Shotgun

2nd Prize- Savage 30-06 Camo Stock with Scope

3rd Prize – GoPro Camera

4th Prize- ATV Winch

and More….

You can also purchase tickets at the dinner

 Contact any board member for main raffle tickets, or if you would like to purchase tickets earlier.

                                         Robert Pahl 435-630-6188 – Chris Haycock 435-650-4717                                            Arnie Cooper 435-820-4726 – Lee Barry 435-820-9706

Club Ride December 27th, 2014

Come on out after Christmas and join us for a ride! we will meet at Dubinky (White Wash Sand Dunes) so everyone can play on the dunes or go with an arranged tour guide,  He will be telling everyone about the history of this area. The ride will leave from Dubinky’s and head over to Ten Mile Wash.

Meet at Dubinky 9:oo ish am.

come on out and bring your friends!

Club Christmas Party


Club Christmas Party December 11th, Thursday – (TONIGHT)!!!!!!
6:00 pm
Carbon County Event Center (the big main building)
Bring one gift per-person keep it to $10.00 or less
Main course will be chicken please bring a side dish to share

Club Ride for November


It will be November 15, 2014 at Ten Mile Wash and Dubinky (White Wash Sand Dunes.)

You can contact Robert Pahl at 630-6188 for more information